a generative beat em up made in two days by @jakecataford for Global Game Jam 2018 with a focus on style over substance.


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JUICE (Windows) 27 MB


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Hi, what are the controls for the online build? I'm unable to find the attack key. Pressing right Alt popups the browser's settings menu and then attacks, but I'm unable to play like this.

For some reason the primary controls don't work. E.g. arrow keys and left ctrl for attack. Only the secondary controls work, AWSD and left mouse button for attack. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.

Pretty fun, i like the art style and gameplay like when it goes into slow mo when you kill something, i think you could use some more invincibility frames after you get hit and this game would be  worth  investing alot of time into.  at the moment i feel as if i die everytime those launchers are spamming missles at me lol, mind trying my new game out? only the first level is done but i would appreciate any feedback on it


Battery Dead :(

Thank you SVBLM and what a great little project and made in only 2 days.



Hey Guys,

I get an error at execution time

An error occurred while launching JUICE

application crashed. process exited with code 3221225781

and if you open "Show Local files" and go into Juice Windows folder and run "Juice win.exe" exe then you get

The code execution cannot proceed because the UnityPlayer.ddl was not found.

I could probably fix it but it's better if you guys know about the issue as well.



I'm getting the same thing!

hmm the windows build might be broken because i didnt have a chance to test it out, i also cant build because of a reccuring issue where my computer kernel panics when compiling shaders for realease. Ill try and build on my windows rig at home tonight

Ah cool,  let me know how it goes.

I've put up a webgl build and a new windows build that I've tested locally , let me know if it working?