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Dine on your friends in this action-packed brawler made for Global Game Jam 2015. Fight to satisfy your hunger first by killing and eating your opponent.

Multiplayer Notes:

Works with up to two xbox360 controllers out of the box, other controllers should work if you rebind the controls. To use the keyboard as a player, press space, if you want to go back to using two controllers press escape.

GGJ15 Notes:

Game was updated past the deadline to include keyboard support and Xbox controller support on windows. (Initially worked for OSX only)


Start/Retry - Start Button/Spacebar

Move - Arrow Keys/Stick

Jump - A Button/Z

Slice - X Button/X

Block - B Button/C

Dine On Corpse - Down Arrow Key/Y Button when over dead opponent

Dash Left/Right - Right Bumper/Left Bumper/Double Tap Left/Right Arrows


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Last Resort (Linux).zip 15 MB
Last Resort (Win32).zip 13 MB
Last Resort (Win64).zip 14 MB
Last Resort (Mac).zip 14 MB